SNS BLADE X Hockey Stick (100% Carbon)


  • Made of 100% Carbon.
  • CEP (Carbon Edge Protection) for stronger reverse-hits.
  • KHP (Kevlar Heel Protection) for longer shape retention.
  • 3KCW (3K Carbon Weave) for extra strength.
  • ACZ (Advanced Control Zone) for better ball control.
  • STL (Soft Touch Lacquer) for improved touch.
  • Cushioned & Perforated PU grip.


SNS BLADE X is the top model stick, made specially for the seasoned hockey athlete!

With a 100% carbon construction, it is the stiffest and strongest stick in our range.

The preferred choice of many international players, this stick offers maximum power and stiffness with a great touch, owing to its unique STL (soft touch lacquer).

As for as hockey sticks go, this is the most lethal weapon out there!

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36.5", 37", 37.5", 38", 38.5"


Elite Pro, Striker, Elite, Striker Pro, Drag, Drag Pro, Scoop, Elite X, Striker X, Drag X


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