Combo Set SNS Madman 4000 Hockey Stick with Jumbo Bag


  • Made of durable 600D material.
  • Holds 5 hockey sticks.
  • Full composite stick.
  • Made of 30% Carbon, 65% Glass Fibre and 5% Kevlar
  • Optimum 23mm LATE bend.
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If you have been using a composite hockey stick before, have developed your basic hockey skills and are now looking for a more powerful stick to enhance your game, the SNS MADMAN 4000 is the ideal stick for you. It is a powerful stick with 30% Carbon, 65% Glassfibre and 5% Kevlar content. It’s got a maxi head to provide the player a large hitting/stopping surface. It has an optimum 23 mm late bend to facilitate aerials as well as grounded hitting. SNS MADMAN Jumbo Bag is a highly functional hockey bag, having multiple pockets for 5 sticks, protective equipment, shoes, clothing and valuables.

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36", 36.5", 37", 37.5", 38", 38.5"


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